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Translating n-ink's materials into applications.


n-ink can help to improve the next generation of Li-batteries by serving as a conductive binder in silicon (Si) anodes. Si anodes offer over 10 times higher capacity than graphite, but their massive volume change during operation can cause performance deterioration. n-ink, acting as a conductive binder, maintains the morphology of Si anodes and ensures mechanical stability during battery operations. This significantly increases the safety of these batteries, reduces the need for other conductive agents in the electrode formulation, and generally promotes the electrification of current technologies and/or processes.

Polymeric capacitors

With the superior thermal stability of n-ink's materials, able to withstand temperatures up to 225 °C as opposed to the current industry standard of 125 °C, we can substantially broaden the operational temperature range for polymer capacitors.

This enhancement makes them suitable for automotive applications, which demand a temperature threshold of 150 °C. Furthermore, the increased stability of n-ink extends the lifespan of these capacitors, thereby reducing electronic waste and fostering a more sustainable use of resources.

Hybrid solar cells

n-ink's materials are used as electron transport materials in solar cells and boost their performance through better energy alignment and improved interfaces, which also increased their operational lifetime. We are aiding in meeting climate targets and accelerating the adoption of renewable energy solutions.

Research applications

n-ink's formulations offer versatile solutions for research applications, including organic electrochemical transistors and thermoelectric generators. With their highly conductive, stable, and printable properties, n-ink’s materials provide researchers with the means to explore and develop innovative technologies in these fields. Whether optimizing charge transport in organic electronics or enhancing energy conversion efficiency, n-ink's formulations empower researchers to push the boundaries of scientific discovery.

We Integrate With Your Ecosystem

n-Ink provides several dedicated n-type ink formulations which are compatible with existing solution-deposition processes for Printed Electronics, Internet of Things and Bioelectronics. The strong scientific background of the n-Ink team allows for inks that are tailored to the needs of the customer.

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